Kre8iveminds is always consistent in producing effective web design to its clients. Our custom website design includes the following consideration:

Do I need a website for my business ?

If you’re a business owner you do need a professionally designed, lead-catching, sales-increasing, brand-differentiating website. It's because consumer behavior has changed to adapt to the digital age.

Why do I need a website ?

You needed a website the day you started but better late than never. Here is why you need:
1.30% percent consumer does not consider a business without website.
2.The majority population search for their requirements online, your website would be one of the search results.
3.Commercial transactions in every industry are influenced by digital website content.
4.75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on the quality website of the company.

How will I know which design will besuitable for my business, whether it's a custom design or other web design?

Custom web design explores the characteristics of a business in a true manner. Custom web design means customizing websites according to needs. Other web designs do not have this facility. You would not be able to customize your website as per your requirements. Our team will walk you through the entire process of both the design process so that you can take the appropriate and correct decision for your business.

What's your custom designing process?

Custom Webdesign process starts with understanding the client's needs and preferences. We first of all ask you to describe your project detail i.e. your business, purpose and target audience. Once we get the idea we start deliberating to get the finest design idea for your website. Once we finish our design we ask to go through the design and approve it if it is what you had envisioned.

Do I need technical knowledge to manage a WordPress website?

You don’t need technical knowledge to manage a WordPress website. We at kre8iveminds help you throughout the process so that you can easily handle your website.

How much does a website cost ?

It depends on what you actually need but we at kre8iveminds try to give you the best affordable price knowing your requirements and budget. So that the process goes on hassle-free.

Do I need to buy a domain and server for my website?

You can buy a domain and hosting by yourself, or you can entrust us to buy them for you.

Can I make a website and earn money?

yes, you can. You can sell your products or services online or promote them f or the better business Prospect.

What kind of website should I make to make money ?

You can make money with all sorts of websites whether its products or services or blogging or concept selling. it all depends on in which field you are expert and specialized in. we will help you to build and promote the best possible website to generate maximum sales and revenue for your business and services that you provide.

Can I contact or get assistance if I have any problem after the website is up and live?

Yes, we would be there 24/7 to help you out, Office time is preferable for a better resolution. You can contact our team anytime you want.

Can I get a service of redesign my website ?

Yes, we at kre8iveminds do provide website redesigning services for all our clients. Actually we all should go for a redesign to be updated in the Web World.

How can I start digital marketing in my business?

Depending on your requirement our team works on marketing planning and strategies of your business and give you the best possible advice so that you can take your business to new heights.

How do I create an ad on Facebook?

You need to set-up some ad campaigns and strategize the entire campaign according to your budget and target audience. Our expert marketing team handles this kind of campaign professionally so that you get maximum results at an affordable price.

What if I need a logo for my business?

Apart from web design services we offer clients world-class representation of their brands by creating unique logos that uplifts their brand value by many folds.

How much do graphic designers charge for a logo?

A logo represents a readily-identifiable symbol of the brand, which helps keep your business front-of-mind for the people you will turn into customers. So we focus mostly on the representation of your business. As per as the charge may concern its as affordable as you can think of in kre8iveminds. So just call us now and discuss your requirement and we are sure you will be satisfied with the service we will offer.